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By ADMINISTRATION , 03/15/20, 7:15PM PDT


Good afternoon everyone,

I would like to thank all of you for your patience and understanding with the COVID-19 concerns and restrictions suddenly brought upon us. It has been an unbelievably busy last three days trying to figure out our best options for this spring season, while taking into consideration the health and safety of our WCI athletes, coaches and their families.  It seems that every time the coaching staff and I think of an idea, the next day it has to be reconsidered, as heath and other government agencies continue to update their guidelines.
As WCI President, I have made a decision to stop all JH and HS practices for the next two weeks.  WCI was considering moving all practices to outside courts in the city of Winters, until gyms became accessible again. We will re-evaluate this situation on March 30th.  My strong feeling is that with collegiate and professional teams suspending both practices and competitions and our player’s school districts closing campuses, this seems to be the prudent approach. Practicing outdoors and limiting personnel on hand for workouts would offer some mitigation, but there would remain contact and close proximity among those participating. Since it is likely that transmission of the virus is possible prior to being symptomatic, it is difficult to know who may be carrying and who may not.
Circumstances are fluid and the situation could look quite different in two weeks, three weeks, or a month…WCI will move forward and re-evaluate as circumstances change. But, presently, I would not be comfortable hosting practices or group workouts outside or inside.  Assuming we go forward on the 30th, we will limit the number of people present as much as possible (no spectators, etc.), take advantage of the sunlight's effect on reducing the level of exposure in the environment, and only allow healthy players to attend. Practices would also be on a voluntary basis (not mandatory).

I would ask everyone to please do the following:

  • Follow WCI on Instagram @wcimpact, Twitter @wcimpactgbb and Facebook.  I will be posting updates regarding tournaments and actions that we will be taking going forward.
  • Check out your "Group ME”
  • Check emails.

Finally, I would like to share this link with all of you Social Distancing: This is Not a Snow Day, originally published by Ariadne Labs, from Asaf Bitton, MD, MPH.  Out of all the information that I had to gather regarding the COVID-19, this article I was able to find the most useful.  It provides you with medical information and what to expect from guidelines in a few weeks to come.  I highly suggest you read it. 

Thank you again for your patience to this evolving situation.
Stay healthy!
Jean Gelpi 
West Coast Impact Basketball