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    7th/8th Grade News

    • season
    • WCI Relaxing at the Tahoe Championships
    • Gabby, Maggie and Gracie practicing their vertical in Tahoe!
    • WCI at the Lake!
    • Perfect box out!!
    • WCI Traps!!
    • WCI defensive pressure!!
    • Ready for Fire!!
    • Kiara vs the Press!!
    • Perfect pick and Roll!!
    • Gracie fighting for the rebound!!
    • Jocelyn getting ready to attack at the Tahoe Championships!!
    • Kate ready for WCI jump ball play
    • Maggie on transition!!
    • Jocelyn fighting for the rebound!!
    • Maggie with Coach McGuire and Coach Gelpi after the Tahoe Championships!!
    • WCI members sharing the Tahoe Championship trophy
    • Gabby showing great defense!!!
    • 30 second time out!!
    • Jocelyn Sharing the Tahoe Championships Trophy with Coach McGuire and Coach Gelpi!
    • WCI in the Huddle!!
    • The Huddle!!!
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